• Fix RedcarpetHTML


  • Optimizes Rails integration


  • Compatibility with latest Sprockets versions (#203)
  • Internal:
    • Less warnings when running tests
    • Uses Ruby 2.3 for testing by default
    • Upgraded Rubocop


  • Equals 2.0.0.pre.4 :)


  • Adds a shortcut @scss !global for @scss scope: global
  • Fixed/improved Sass imports (#191)
  • Refactored classes and variables
  • Removed IE hack
  • Fixes duplicate imports (#198)
  • Fixes duplicate colors Sass error (#196)
  • Internal:
    • Cleaned up the code base


  • CSS/Sass code can be added to the global scope from now on
  • Internal:
    • Color swatches have been refactored for reduced error-proneness


  • Color swatches accept nested functions like lighten($my-color) from now on
  • Doesn’t autofocus the search box (avoids scrolling up when refreshing the page)


  • Optimized default theme
  • Optimized defaults for colors and sizes
  • Removed Alt + click for copying colors as it raised problems for Linux users (now: click on either the value or the variable/function to copy; this also avoids having English text which would require localization)
  • @require respects the current path for loading Ruby files
  • Commands can be escaped with trailing \ (for example if you want to document LSG itself)
  • Color swatches show the source only when the source already is a color (instead of a Sass variable/function)


  • Rename filters to commands which reflects their usage and will allow filtering later
  • General refactor: Unify coding style and remove obsolete v1 files
  • Add helper for rendering templates
  • Reorganize JavaScript scripts and use new JavaScript instance variable to hold them into the LivingStyleGuide::Document (RGSoC)
  • Add @before and @after commands for injecting content (HTML, plain text and commands, etc) before and after the main document container with tests (RGSoC)
  • Add button to show and hide code blocks via new @toggle-code command injected in the document’s before section with tests (RGSoC)
  • Relocate @search-box in the document’s before section and add missing tests for it (RGSoC)
  • Avoid warnings while running the tests
  • Add a linter for SCSS and integrate with Hound CI


  • Inline search in the style guide via @search-box (RGSoC)
  • allow commands inside of command blocks (e.g. setting @haml inside of @header)
  • @default type: xyz now also applies for code examples
  • Ugly scrollbars on code are hidden by default now
  • Code examples also got a copy button (RGSoC)
  • Added viewport for mobile view
  • Fixed escaping of IDs in CSS


  • Copy color variables and HEX codes (RGSoC)
  • Better IDs generated by file name and headline
  • CSS class names and Sass variables are prefixed with lsg-- from now on (was livingstyleguide--)
  • Split up CSS commands into @css, @sass and @scss


  • Head/header/footer will be rendered only once (especially in Middleman)
  • Fixed load paths when called a file via command line in a sub directory (e. g. livingstyleguide compile path/to/my-file.lsg)
  • Fixed loading paths within code blocks


  • @syntax to set the syntax highlighter’s language if needed
  • @data now also accepts arrays and renders the template Array.length times.
  • Fixed an error with Tilt, Haml and Ruby 2.2


  • @use imports template as source (without execution)
  • @default option: value and @default @command; option: value to set default options for filters
  • @data supports YAML data
  • Ruby < 2.0 not officially supported anymore
  • @head, @header, and @footer commands for injecting HTML
  • @css also supports Sass’ indented syntax by setting @css preprocessor: sass
  • @javascript-before and @javascript-after commands to link or insert JavaScript into the document


  • Use Tilt to render examples and allow all templating engines supperted by Tilt by @type enginename
  • Markdown files (*.md) are rendered as Markdown (was rendered as LSG file)
  • @type to change type of document within the document
  • Normal code blocks (without example, just syntax highlighted) work from now on
  • Commands can have blocks without braces or indented code from now on (add a colon at the end of the command to use this)
  • Commands can have options (like JSON/Ruby hashes)
  • @set can set multiple options
  • Adding custom filters has been refactored to: LivingStyleGuide.command :name do |array_of_arguments, options_hash, block_string|
  • @font-example works with multiple fonts separated by comma
  • Commas and quotation marks can be escaped in arguments/options (\, \" \')
  • Added @style commands to customize the style guide’s own style



  • Refactored Sass rendering: Better support for helpers and load paths for Rails/Sprockets/Middleman/Compass
  • @import uses relative paths (to current *.lsg file) from now on
  • Sass dependencies are considered for cache invalidation in Sprockets
  • ERB templates are rendered as expected


  • Upgraded @javascript filter to v2
  • Upgraded @coffee-script/@coffee filter to v2
  • Upgraded the command line interface to use v2
  • Added ID to examples to allow CSS scoping
  • Fixed HTML (non-Haml) examples
  • Upgraded code highlights to v2
  • Removed obsolete v1 code and tests


  • New filter syntax everywhere (as it used to be within examples: Now everywhere in the file and the root document)
  • Importing (@import coding-style.lsg) of other files (LivingStyleGuide documents, HTML, Haml, …)
  • Imported files can be rendered with local data defined as JSON
  • Importing supports globbing of files
  • #57: Having multiple LivingStyleGuide documents by sharing the configuration and loading it via @import config.lsg)
  • All imported files and all code examples will be grouped in a <section> with unique ID (as ID the current file name will be used if available). This helps scoping CSS and allows linking.
  • #97: No need to import/parse/render the whole Sass project (only color variables may be needed)
  • Sprockets dependencies (except imports within Sass)
  • Colors do support Sass functions(), #hex, and colorconstants besides $variables
  • SCSS code can be added everywhere when needed (within examples, it will be automatically scoped to this example)


  • #188: Sprockets compatibility
  • Internal:
    • Added Ruby 2.3.0 to Travis CI
    • Fixed Travis CI bundler issue


  • #185: Better responsiveness for style guides
  • #184: Resolved issue where compiling via CLI would be stuck in a while loop if no GemFile or .git directory exists.
  • #175: Allow variables with underscore
  • #161: Updated RedCarpet version


  • #105: Better support of sass-rails in various versions
  • #107: Fixed typo


  • Fixed rare UTF-8 problems
  • Fixed NoMethodError when using image-url


  • Internal:
    • Refactored variable generation


  • CLI shows version
  • CLI supports reading from STDIN
  • CLI supports writing to STDOUT
  • CLI supports output file
  • Import Markdown once, even when Sass is imported twice
  • The command line interface also supports *.lsg files (without having .html in the filename)


  • CLI works without having Bundler installed
  • Compass is not required anymore (but still works well)
  • Deprecated list-variables() in SassScript for v2.0.0
  • Fixed wrong/duplicate imports when importing Compass files
  • Internal:
    • Removed importer => insprect Sass tree
    • Removed variables lookup => inspect Sass tree
    • Refactored code and file structure


  • Fixed two CSS reseting problems that slightly broke the design (#82, #85)


  • Automatically find project root by Git root, Gemfile, or Rails root
  • Allow JavaScript code in javascript-before and javascript-after
  • Configurable text-align for base and headline
  • Fixed styling of <ul>/<ol>


  • Support for variables that contain numbers in their name


  • Simulate inspect(...) for Sass < 3.3



  • Less Compass dependencies (not required in Sass anymore)
  • More stable style guide design


  • Fixed an issue where the command line interface used the input filename as the output filename
  • Fixed an error causes by Compass’ brightness() function in 1.0.0 alpha versions
  • Fixed asset URL handling with Middleman and Sprockets
  • Internal:
    • Integrated the website into the repository
    • Added the changelog to the website
    • Automated website deployment after a new version of the gem is released


  • Fixed dependencies for broken gems




  • Better support for load paths in Rails
  • Fix for colors
  • New YAML based configuration (see this gist)
  • Option to set the HTML title
  • Custom footer and header HTML (example)
  • Linking of JavaScript files (like jQuery, application.js, …) into the style guide (example)
  • Custom styles can be set within YAML configuration (example)


  • Added Rails support
  • Removed globbing
  • Set .html.lsg as default file extension


  • Implemented command line interface


  • More stable CSS


  • Fixed highlighting in Haml code examples
  • Use the Haml syntax highlighter


  • Added support for Haml code in examples (haml-example, haml-layout-example)


  • Added display properties to avoid conflicts with resets


  • Added anchors (ids) to headlines
gem install livingstyleguide