Congrats to DV Team, LSG’s RGSoC 2018 team!

Congratulations to Violeta and Diana from DV Team, our LivingStyleGuide (LSG) team in Barcelona! There was no better news to end a hectic last week with than finding out that your open-source project managed to get a team accepted into the Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) 2018 programme due to some last-minute funding!

This year was a tough one. Because of a few factors coming together at once, a smaller number of teams who applied to this hugely popular summer coding programme could be accepted. What made it all the more tough is that this year we had by far the highest number teams ever to apply with LSG. We can imagine the disappointment that the fantastic teams who applied for LSG and the other projects must have felt, but the enthusiasm of everyone who came to us wanting to do Summer of Code with LSG was so inspiring.

If you applied to RGSoC with LSG and didn’t make it in, you can still work with us!

Although RGSoC no longer has a policy of “official” non-scholarship teams as of this year, anyone who would like to work with us on LSG is always welcome to contribute! Feel free to join our Slack channel and visit our GitHub repo to get a feel for what’s going on. We’d like to port LSG into JavaScript this year, so any help with getting that going is especially appreciated.

We’re looking forward to our summer working with not only DV Team, but also with the wider RGSoC family. Being an active part of growing the open-source community, and making it inclusive and welcoming for everyone to be involved in is a basic principle behind what we do. We’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with the RGSoC for a few years now, and we’ve really loved our experiences mentoring up-and-coming developers for the programme.

The popularity of RGSoC has grown so much in even just the last 4 years, but for its ability to keep pace with the number of women and non-binary coding teams who want to take part it needs to keep growing financially, too. This year saw additional crowdfunding efforts to try to get as many teams accepted as possible.

To those who donated, we say thank you so very, very much.

The fundraising continues in preparation for next year, and any funds raised now that the 2018 programme has started will be put towards next year’s programme. Let’s make sure as many teams as possible can be taken on next year by getting a head start on spreading the word and letting people know how they can help. Find out more here.

Watch this space for more on what DV Team and LSG are working on this summer.

Now, let’s do this!

gem install livingstyleguide